Thursday, April 14, 2011

is that a fucking shark!!!

this shark was found in a water hazard at a golf club, the sharks were thought to be a myth for many years but we can now tell that it is true, club officials speculate that these 10 foot bullsharks washed into the lake in the early 1990's.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

holy crap is that even possible

A gymnastics video has been going around with a man named jozef wadecki, a Polish gymnast who is known for his explosive tumbling skills. How explosive? Take a look for yourself.

In his first tumbling run, Wadecki performs a front flip off of the springboard, followed by a whipback (a no-handed backhandspring), back handspring, triple twist, whipback, back handspring, triple twist. He follows that up with a round-off right into a double layout, whipback, back handspring double layout, whipback, whipback, double back with a full twist. Phew. That sort of difficulty is unheard of.

Not only does he get unbelievable height, Wadecki has nearly perfect form. His legs are straight, toes are pointed, and he doesn't deviate from the center line down the middle of the tumbling mat.