Tuesday, July 5, 2011

went on vacation

so for the last 4 days i have been on vacation with my family up in north Florida at my great uncles house. i had a blast there we went to quite a few differnt cold watter springs there the first one we went to was named ruth springs, but every one called it little sulfur, it got to be about 5 foot deep and is frezzing cold but still pretty cool.
the second spring we went to was named troy springs it is 70ft to 85ft deep depending on the time of the year . Troy has under water caves and at the shallow end there are the ribs from a civil war era steam boat. at one of the spots where the rock has eroded the middle of a rock and you can swim right through it, it was alot of  fun

Friday, June 24, 2011

new stereo

so today i was doing yard work for my grandpa when his neighbor came over and asked me if i had my own stereo, and i dont. he told me he had one he was getting rid of it and, asked if i wanted it and i did. so as we are removing the stereo system he asks me if i want the huge ass speakers that go with it, these big speakers come up to my hip and im almost 6 foot. so now i that i have them set up in my room and tested them there so loud that im scared to turn them up to max. the actual system is about 10 years old but its in great shape and works just fine so far so its pretty awesome that i got it for free.

Monday, June 13, 2011


i dont really have any thing to say yet so... heres some old Alabama

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

just an update

hay guys sorry i haven't had any new updates lately partly because it summer and i have been chilling with my friends, and getting in trouble, but mostly because i haven't had any thing to post about except for maybe telling you guys how hard it is to make enough money to buy a truck (thought i had a job but i dont). since i got out of school all i have been doing is riding my tiny 4wheeler back and forth between different friends houses (and different mud holes)  so its pretty good so far

also rocking out to some ACDC

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


schools been out for roughly 52 hours and i am enjoy every micro-second of it me and all my friends have made an entire month of plans to fill up our summer and i am wishing every one a good summer also im pretty sure i aced all my final exams (except math i fucking hate math)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this is gonna suck

so  have finals today and i have not studied for any of them i have no idea what im going to do. the exam i have to take is my science exam. my science teacher is an jerk and we have to stay in that class for 2 hours this is gonna suck

Sunday, May 1, 2011

my favorite minecraft server

recently i have started playing a game called minecraft, if you haven't  heard of it you should check it out. http://www.minecraft.net/
but i have finally found an online server to play on its not to many people on it so theres still room to build. and the best part is that its not laggy at all. you guise should totally check it out the ip address of the server is a404.org , there is also a web site for the server with the same name. i would totally recommend anyone to check it out also no greifers please.

Monday, April 18, 2011

never go to the store hungry

so today i had an unexpected trip to the grocery store we were supposed to go to the bank and the 7-11, but no my mom all of a suddenly my mom wants to go to publix for dinner, and at the moment i was extermly hungry. as we are walking through and being as hungry as i am, im garbing just about every piece of food  i can. in the end we ended up spending $152.20 on nothing but snacks, candy, and soda.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

is that a fucking shark!!!

this shark was found in a water hazard at a golf club, the sharks were thought to be a myth for many years but we can now tell that it is true, club officials speculate that these 10 foot bullsharks washed into the lake in the early 1990's.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

holy crap is that even possible

A gymnastics video has been going around with a man named jozef wadecki, a Polish gymnast who is known for his explosive tumbling skills. How explosive? Take a look for yourself.

In his first tumbling run, Wadecki performs a front flip off of the springboard, followed by a whipback (a no-handed backhandspring), back handspring, triple twist, whipback, back handspring, triple twist. He follows that up with a round-off right into a double layout, whipback, back handspring double layout, whipback, whipback, double back with a full twist. Phew. That sort of difficulty is unheard of.

Not only does he get unbelievable height, Wadecki has nearly perfect form. His legs are straight, toes are pointed, and he doesn't deviate from the center line down the middle of the tumbling mat.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

rare WW2 german bomber found

LONDON (Reuters) – A rare World War Two German bomber, shot down over the English Channel in 1940 and hidden for years by shifting sands at the bottom of the sea, is so well preserved a British museum wants to raise it.
The Dornier 17 -- thought to be world's last known example -- was hit as it took part in the Battle of Britain.
It ditched in the sea just off the Kent coast, southeast England, in an area known as the Goodwin Sands.
The plane came to rest upside-down in 50 feet of water and has become partially visible from time to time as the sands retreated before being buried again.
Now a high-tech sonar survey undertaken by the Port of London Authority (PLA) has revealed the aircraft to be in a startling state of preservation.
Ian Thirsk, from the RAF Museum at Hendon in London, told the BBC he was "incredulous" when he first heard of its existence and potential preservation.
"This aircraft is a unique aeroplane and it's linked to an iconic event in British history, so its importance cannot be over-emphasized, nationally and internationally," he said.
"It's one of the most significant aeronautical finds of the century."
Known as "the flying pencil," the Dornier 17 was designed as a passenger plane in 1934 and was later converted for military use as a fast bomber, difficult to hit and theoretically able to outpace enemy fighter aircraft.
In all, some 1,700 were produced but they struggled in the war with a limited range and bomb load capability and many were scrapped afterwards.
Striking high-resolution images appear to show that the Goodwin Sands plane suffered only minor damage, to its forward cockpit and observation windows, on impact.
"The bomb bay doors were open, suggesting the crew jettisoned their cargo," said PLA spokesman Martin Garside.
Two of the crew members died on impact, while two others, including the pilot, were taken prisoner and survived the war.
"The fact that it was almost entirely made of aluminum and produced in one piece may have contributed to its preservation," Garside told Reuters.
The plane is still vulnerable to the area's notorious shifting sands and has become the target of recreational divers hoping to salvage souvenirs.
The RAF museum has launched an appeal to raise funds for the lifting operation.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


all week i haven't had any home work from any of my teachers witch is unusual. i think my teachers are planning something

Tuesday, April 5, 2011